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[Important for Warranty]

Micro flowmeters are process instruments and must be treated with reasonable care. Before installation [if not before procurement], due consideration must be given the following:

  1. Micro flowmeters are designed to operate in liquids. Application in air or other gasses will result in damage.

  2. Maximum recommended liquid viscosity is 25 centipoise [100 SSU]. Higher viscosities will reduce performance at low flow rates. Much higher viscosities may damage the moving parts as a result of the excessive pressure drop required to induce flow. Consult your Sales Representative or the factory for an inferential method of measuring flow of high viscosity liquids.

  3. Foreign objects in the process liquid, large enough to be easily visible to the naked eye, may jam the moving parts. A 25 micron filter will generally remove particles which would affect performance A finer filter may be required in applications in which smaller suspended p.articles could settle out and build up in the nutating chamber. Consult your Sales Representative or the factory for an inferential method of measuring flow of liquids with entrained solids or particulate matter.

  4. Microflowmeters are designed to operate in continuous flow streams within their specified flow ranges. In certain applications, notably intermittent, pneumatic injection pumps, the instantaneous flow rates are many times greater than the operating ranges of the Microflowmeters. In these cases, the meters must normally be fitted with orifice screws which will restrict the instantaneous pump discharge rates to ranges within Microflowmeter specifications. Consult your Sales Representative or the factory for this optional device.