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Nutating Micro Flowmeter

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  1. Micro Flow Meter - Mechanical InstallationOnce installed and ready to operate, open the bypass and bleed valves wide before slowly starting fluid flow to the Microflowmeter. Allow the bleed valve to remain open until air and vapors which may have been trapped in the Microflowmeter have been "bled". If air and vapors are persistent, turn the Microflowmeter upside down [compression fittings would be useful] while it is running for a short time and then retum to upright position. Close the the bleed and bypass valves and begin normal system operation. [The depicted recommended installation is for systems operating with pressures greater than 20 psi. The bypass and bleed arrangement can safely be omitted from systems operating at lower pressures].

  2. If the Microflowmeter is subject to hydraulic pulsations, check valves may be required.

  3. If it is necessary to disassemble the mechanical portion for cleaning or other reason, ascertain that the nutator is installed with the inscribed arrow pointing up [toward the electronic assembly]. Failure to do so may result in loss of alignment of the motion detection mechanism. Use 4 - 5 foot pounds of torque on the cap screws when reassembling.