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The relative simplicity of the DEA liquid MICROFLOWMETER concept makes it far less costly than other positive displacement flowmeters which may be capable of measuring similar low flow rates.

Compared to other positive displacement flowmeters, the MICROFLOWMETER is less susceptible to wear. The reasons for this are as follow:

  The parts are so small that the relative velocities amongst the moving parts are quite low.
  All forces acting on one side of the nutator are largely offset by opposing forces acting on the opposite side.
  The ends of the beam are rounded resulting in a rolling motion rather than sliding during operation.
Since the moving parts are not rigidly attached to each other or the motion detection mechanism, the MICROFLOWMETER is capable of service in fluids less filtered than other devices which may be capable of measuring similar low flow rates.
Should the MICROFLOWMETER become clogged with debris, it can be easily disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with reasonable care in the field.